1Health launches in Yukon's hospitals


1Health, the Yukon's new electronic health record system, launched Tuesday, June 1 in our three hospitals.

Our staff and physicians use a computer system called MEDITECH to register patients, order tests, schedule appointments, track medications, protect health records, and much more. Our version of this system has been in use for more than three decades. 

Over the last two years, with support from the Government of Yukon, we worked closely with the Department of Health and Social Services and the Yukon Medical Association to build, test and launch a new version of MEDITECH in our hospitals – we call it 1Health.

The 1Health system uses a single integrated electronic health record (EHR) network on the new MEDITECH Expanse platform. This allows for the secure, instant and seamless exchange of health information between teams in our hospitals, and, in the coming months, with several other healthcare providers across the territory, including long-term care, home care, and continuing care, among others. 

For Yukoners, this means only health providers caring for you have access to this information, and it’s all securely stored in one place, so you no longer have to re-tell your story at each point of care. 

"1Health is part of our continuous efforts to support our staff, physicians and all Yukoners with state-of-the-art tools and modern systems that enable safe and excellent hospital care," says Jason Bilsky, CEO, Yukon Hospital Corporation. "This is a transformational moment in Yukon health care, and a great example of system partners working together to offer a more seamless and secure journey in our hospitals and health services across the territory."

As more facilities join the network and the system becomes more connected, care providers across the territory will be able to quickly and securely access information they need to make safe, informed decisions when caring for Yukoners.  

1Health also represents one of the largest collaborative projects in the history of Yukon's health system. It will change and modernize Yukon’s health care system, and represents a significant investment to improve the quality, coordination and privacy of Yukoners’ healthcare.


  • To learn more about 1Health, what it means for Yukoners, and what to expect in our hospitals, visit YukonHospitals.ca/1Health
  • To learn more about the use of an electronic health record (EHR) across the Yukon, visit Yukon.ca/1Health
Last Updated:Mon, 06/14/2021 - 09:45