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Introducing 1Health: A seamless care journey enabled by one health information network for all Yukoners

New health information system launched Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Yukon Hospitals’ staff and physicians use a computer system called MEDITECH to register patients, order tests, schedule appointments, track medications, protect health records, and much more. Our version of this system has been in use for more than three decades.

Over the last two years, with support from the Government of Yukon, we worked closely with the Department of Health and Social Services and the Yukon Medical Association to build, test and launch a new version of MEDITECH in our hospitals – we call it 1Health. 1Health is a single integrated electronic health record (EHR) network that uses the new MEDITECH Expanse platform. 

This new system will securely connect our hospitals’ information systems with other health care providers across the territory. This will allow for the secure, instant and seamless exchange of health information between those who care for you. For you, this means only providers caring for you have access to this information, and it’s all in one place, so you don’t have to re-tell your story each time.

1Health will change and modernize Yukon’s health care system and represents a significant investment to improve the quality, coordination and privacy of your health care. It went live June 1 in Yukon’s three hospitals. In the coming months, several of our health system partners across the territory will also join 1Health. 

Learn more about the launch of 1Health below, including what it means for you and the future of Yukon's health system.

What to Expect in Hospital

Using a new system requires big changes to how we do our work, how we use several computer systems, and the equipment we use.

  • Yukoners can be confident their care providers have trained and prepared extensively for 1Health.
  • Like learning anything new, there will be a ‘learning curve’ as our teams become more familiar with a new system.
  • As we implement the new system, we might take a little longer to address your needs, and there could be some short, temporary service interruptions or slowdowns.
  • You might see extra people working with our staff to support them as they adjust and continue providing safe and excellent patient care.
  • Please be patient with staff and physicians in the coming weeks as these changes take place.

What does 1Health mean for Yukoners?

With 1Health, most Yukon health providers and facilities will start to use the same electronic health information system.

  • Yukoners will no longer need to repeat their story at multiple points of care.
  • All your health information will be in one place, securely accessible only by authorized providers across the territory who need the information to provide you with care.
  • All personal health information is accessible only by those who need it to provide care for a patient, client or resident.
  • There is one electronic chart, or record, for every Yukoner in the system.
  • All activity in 1Health is monitored, recorded and auditable.

1Health Benefits and Advantages

Yukoners' health information was previously scattered across multiple disconnected records. Having one record for each person on one system helps provide equitable, standardized clinical documentation and care for all Yukoners. With our hospitals and most other health care providers in the territory using the same system and 'speaking the same language,' there are several important benefits for Yukoners.

  • Replaces aging infrastructure, including the old (30+ years) MEDITECH health information system at Yukon Hospitals.
  • More standardized care – the system is designed with a Yukon context and according to best practices.
  • Moving to a mostly electronic and digital health record system eliminates many formerly paper-based processes, which means greater security, confidentiality, and more accurate communication between health care providers. 
  • Reduced medication administration errors. With electronic bedside medication verification, 1Health ensures a patient and their medication are meant for each other. 
  • As more facilities join 1Health and our system becomes more connected, care providers will be able to access the information needed to make safe, informed decisions for Yukoners.  
  • The secure, instant and seamless exchange of health information between those who care for you. This means only providers caring for you have access to your health information, and it’s all in one place, so you don’t have to re-tell your story at each point of care.

Privacy and Security

Hospitals and health facilities using the 1Health system are committed to keeping Yukoners' health information confidential and secure. Access to patient health information is limited to authorized people in the patient’s circle of care, a term used to describe the health care providers who need information to treat or care for the patient.

Protecting personal health information is not just the right thing to do, it's the law. Yukon’s health care privacy law (Health Information Privacy and Management Act, 2019), as well as other applicable laws, and Yukon Hospitals' security and privacy policies, mandate that health care custodians are responsible for ensuring personal health information is held securely and confidentially.

Through the implementation of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards, consistent with best practices, personal health information is secured from unauthorized collection, use and disclosure, as well as theft, loss, destruction, and damage.

Electronic patient information on one shared system is stored in Yukon. There is a secure back-up of all information to keep it safe in situations such as a power outage or natural disaster.

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