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Masks now optional in public areas of Yukon's hospitals

Masks now optional in public areas of Yukon's hospitals

You’ll see more smiles around Yukon’s hospitals.

Our facilities are now mask friendly, meaning patients and visitors can choose whether to wear a mask or not. Masking is no longer required in public areas of our hospitals, including elevators, hallways, family/meeting rooms and waiting areas.

You’ll also notice that many of our teams may or may not be wearing masks. Hospital personnel will assess the risk and use appropriate personal protective equipment (including masks) as required before providing direct patient care.

Patients or visitors with respiratory symptoms should put on hospital-provided mask. Please continue to follow the direction of your health provider. Likewise, you can let your health provider know if you would feel more comfortable with masks.

Our primary concern is the health and safety of our people and the people we care for. There is low risk from respiratory illness in the Yukon. Our team arrived at this decision based on evidence and infection control expertise as well as guidance from our physician leaders, Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and Yukon Communicable Disease Centre. Continuous masking in healthcare settings may be required in the future should the situation call for it.

Remember to clean your hands with sanitizer when you come/go from hospital or enter/leave a patient room.