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New ECG Machines and Lab Processes Enhance Patient Care

New ECG Machines and Lab Processes Enhance Patient Care

New Electrocardiogram (ECG) machines are now being used in all three Yukon Hospitals, enhancing patient care in significant ways. 

An ECG machine checks your heart's activity by recording its electrical signals. Small sticky patches, called electrodes, are placed on your chest, arms, and legs to capture these signals. It then displays the heart's activity as lines on a screen or paper, which the healthcare team uses to assess your heart health.

These new machines offer an improved operating system that make them easier for nurses and lab staff to use. They come with touch screens, advanced data capture capabilities for better quality ECG recordings, and ergonomic carts for easy movement.

The introduction of these new ECG machines was a team effort involving several departments. Nursing teams (Emergency, ICU, Visiting Specialist Clinic, Dawson City Community Hospital, and Watson Lake Community Hospital), Laboratory staff (both inpatient and outpatient services), Systems and Materials Management all played crucial roles in making this project successful.

In addition to replacing this technology, the Laboratory developed process changes for reporting ECG results. Six months after making these changes, the lab has reduced turnaround times from 13 days to 5 hours for a preliminary report.

This project underscores our commitment to enhancing patient care through the adoption of advanced medical technology and collaborative teamwork. The new ECG machines and process changes are improving the quality and efficiency of care provided to patients across the Yukon, ensuring that all three hospitals can deliver the best possible care.

Photograph: Leonila Rebong, Medical Laboratory Assistant