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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Safe and excellent hospital care

Our Vision

A journey together. The best care every time.

Health care is an important, very personal and unique experience for each of us. It is a journey that involves the patient, first and foremost, along with collaborative health care teams within our hospital system and Yukon communities.

We recognize the critical role our system of hospitals and people play, which is why each of us will strive towards ensuring that the patient journey is not only seamless and safe, but also offers compassion, engages patients in a way that respects individual needs and expectations, and ultimately, achieves the best possible outcomes. This is a journey together. The best care every time.

Our Values - WE CARE

Working Together
Collaboration, teamwork, support, communication and engagement

Fairness, cultural safety, diversity and accessibility

Valuing people, caring, comfort and kindness

Reliability, honesty, trust, openness and professionalism

Acknowledgement, dialogue, patience and responsiveness

Quality, safety, dedication, learning and improvement