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Our Position on Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

As an organization, the Yukon Hospital Corporation condemns all forms of racism. We will not stand for discrimination, intolerance, or violence in our hospitals and we are committed to undertaking the work needed to eliminate racism and build an equitable, diverse and inclusive place for all who come through our doors, whether they be employees or patients

Systemic racism is pervasive and deep-rooted. It is embedded in our society and its structures. We know it is present in Canada, in Yukon and in our communities. It exists within our hospitals and health care system.

At its heart, health care is grounded in the understanding that everyone has a right to the best possible care, in a way that is respectful, free of discrimination and culturally safe. We do not always get it right, and are reminded that we still have work to do. Evidence shows that racism creates barriers to care, and limits the ability of people to reach their best possible health outcomes and well-being.

We commit to being true to our values.

As an organization, we commit to advancing equity and making real and lasting change as necessary:

  1. We will identify barriers to care;
  2. We will build the competency and capacity of our team to better understand inequity and how to address it;
  3. We will cultivate a diverse workforce and leadership team; and
  4. We will continue to assess current policies, programs and services with a lens to supporting equity, diversity and inclusion.