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Ultrasounds at WLCH

General, non-urgent ultrasound services are available at Watson Lake Community Hospital. Ultrasound exams are performed by sonographers, also known as ultrasound technologists.

Ultrasounds are provided by a locum sonographer visiting the community hospitals with portable equipment for approximately one week every two months. The goal of offering general ultrasounds in community hospitals is to improve access to care for Yukoners across the territory.

Based on usage and referral trends in the territory, this service provides nearly 450 general ultrasound exams per year. The availability of general ultrasounds in community hospitals helps reduce the need for Yukoners to travel to Whitehorse, which means less disruption to their home and work life. This is beneficial for patients, family members and the environment.

Urgent and emergent ultrasounds are completed at Whitehorse General Hospital, which has advanced equipment and specialized supports in place for patients needing these services.

When you are scheduled for an ultrasound at Watson Lake Community Hospital, you must first check in at the registration desk prior to attending your appointment.

The ultrasound room is located on the lower level. After registering, please wait in the waiting room located in the lower level (same waiting area for the Doctor’s office).