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Medical Rehabilitation Services

Yukon Hospitals' Medical Rehabilitation Services Department at Whitehorse General Hospital includes physiotherapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT), and rehabilitation assistants (RA) working collaboratively to help promote your well-being and quality of life when an injury, illness, disability or other diagnosis limits your ability to move, function or perform activities that are important to you. Medical rehabilitation services are offered at the hospital on an inpatient and outpatient basis.


All clients will be contacted with dates and times of their appointment(s). For each appointment, you will check in at reception located just inside the Medical Rehabilitation Services entrance. You should plan to arrive for your first appointment 10 minutes early. Free parking is available in the main hospital parking lot. Distance to the Medical Rehabilitation Services entrance will depend on availability. There is a wheelchair accessible patient drop-off/pick-up area directly in front of the entrance. This is for immediate drop-off/pick up only. Parking here is NOT allowed.


To access outpatient OT/PT services, all clients must have a referral from a doctor or nurse practitioner. We review and prioritize all referrals and aim to see all urgent referrals within seven days. 


Physiotherapists assess and treat patients with orthopaedic, neurological and/or cardio-respiratory conditions. They examine, diagnose and treat impairment, helping patients to maintain, recover or improve physical abilities.

They also assist with:

  • Mobility and balance difficulties
  • Gait aids
  • Fall-risk assessments
  • Respiratory assessment and treatment
  • Brace fitting
  • Exercise routines
  • Pelvic floor program focusing on male and female incontinence and pelvic pain (see our FAQ document for more information)
  • Support and guidance for patients having total hip or knee joint surgery from Total Joint Navigators (by referral from family doctor or orthopaedic surgeon)
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists assess and treat patients with physical, mental or cognitive disorders to develop, recover or maintain self-care and community living skills. This includes helping patients achieve functional independence, adapt their environments, modify a task or learn new skills.

They also assist with: 

  • Cognitive issues
  • Daily living difficulties
  • Brace fitting
  • Wheelchair and equipment needs
  • Custom splinting for upper extremities
  • Assessments (cognition, function and high-risk foot assessment)
  • Education and adaptive strategies (including aids)
Inpatient Rehab Care

If you have been admitted to hospital and need support from the Rehab team, your physician will refer you. PTs, OTs, and RAs work on the inpatient units on a priority basis from Monday to Friday to provide assessment and treatment for a number of conditions, and assist patients with discharge from hospital.



We ask you to help us serve all our clients by giving 24-hours notice of appointment cancellation. Failure to attend your initial appointment or two follow-up appointments will result in discharge from therapy.


Costs for Services

Some of the cost for the products a therapist recommends may be covered by health insurance plans such as Seniors Program, Chronic Disease Program, Non-Insured Benefit Program or an employee's extended health plan. Clients are responsible for any costs not covered by Yukon Health Care. Ask your therapist for more information.


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