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WGH Patient Support Information

Whitehorse General Hospital is home to a skilled and diverse team of staff, physicians and volunteers who are committed to providing safe and excellent care. Find an overview below of some of the clinical, cultural and spiritual services and supports available in WGH.

The hospital’s social workers are an important part of the health care team, who are trained to ensure compassion and respect for each person who needs hospital care. Within your first 24 hours in hospital, you will likely be visited by a social worker, who will ask you a few questions to assess any unique needs you may have while in hospital and when it’s time to return home. Any health care team member may refer you to our social workers or you can request this service. Social workers assist patients, families, physicians, nurses and other health care team members with the following:

  • Advocacy services
  • Crisis counselling (health/illness, life changes, relationships, addiction and stress)
  • Patient/family education
  • Grief and bereavement counselling
  • Resource counselling (i.e. referral and liaison with community based agencies/groups)
  • Assistance with practical information (i.e. financial or housing resources)
  • Discharge planning and coordination
  • Continuing care placement

We want to ensure you have an advocate, guide and support while in hospital. If you self-identify as being First Nations, Métis or Inuit when you arrive at the hospital, a First Nations Health Programs liaison worker will come to your room or Emergency Department to offer you support during your stay at Whitehorse General Hospital.

First Nations Health Programs also offers patients and their families facilities and amenities for families to gather, be with a patient, pray or practice traditional ceremonies and private rituals. These facilities are available for all people who respect traditional beliefs. Please contact us at 867-393-8780 for more information.

Clear communication between health care providers and patients is critical. If English is not your first language, you can ask your doctor or nurse for the support of an interpreter over the phone. This confidential service can help you better understand information about your health condition, diagnosis or treatment.

French Language

For our francophone community, you may notice that a hospital staff member may greet you in French. This is our way of actively offering French language support through the confidential phone interpreter service. You can also ask for our French Language Services Coordinator at 867-393-8747 who can connect you with the appropriate available language support whether it be in French or another language. This resource is available to help navigate hospital services.

American Sign Language

Relying on a friend or family member to sign medical information can result in inconsistent or inaccurate translation—and may even compromise patient confidentiality. Using qualified, professional, registered sign language interpreters can help with better evaluation and treatment options, while reducing misunderstandings or the need for repeat consultations.

American Sign Language interpreter services are available for the Deaf community in Whitehorse through Yukon Government. If you or someone you know requires interpreter services, please contact Yukon Government one of the following ways:

Phone: 867-456-6537
Text/SMS: 867-332-4275

Scheduling is determined by demand and availability.

If you require the support of an occupational therapist or physiotherapist, speak to your nurse or physician about contacting our Medical Rehabilitation Services team. This team provides support to our inpatient units from Monday-Friday to assist with difficulties such as mobility, balance, exercises, brace fittings, swallowing assessment, cognitive assessments and equipment needs.

As part of its holistic approach to healing and family-centered care, WGH endorses pastoral care providers, who represent a number of religious faiths and complement the excellent care provided to patients and their families. You can request private, confidential pastoral care 24 hours a day/seven days a week to assist during your hospital stay. This support includes:

  • Spiritual counselling and comfort, including prayer and reading of sacred texts
  • A listening ear and sensitivity to your emotional and spiritual needs and struggles
  • Spiritual and emotional comfort and support to you and your family during traumatic and trying times

A multi-faith chapel space is available to all people who need a quiet place for prayer, meditation and/or spiritual comfort. The chapel space is located in the medical inpatient unit on the second floor. Arrangements may be made for memorials, prayers for the sick or other spiritual needs that may arise.

Patients and families are welcome to reach out for support from a number of our community’s religious and spiritual organizations.

Christ Church Cathedral 668-5530
Church of the Northern Apostles 633-4032

Baha'I faith 633-5411 / 456-4678

Calvary Baptist Church 633-2886
Riverdale Baptist Church 667-6620
Whitehorse Baptist Church 667-4889

Yukon Bible Fellowship 668-5689

Church of the Nazarene 633-4903

Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints 668-7961

Eckankar 633-6594

Jehovah's Witness 667-4304

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 668-4079

Grace Community Church 668-2003

St. Nikolai Orthodox Christian Mission 332-4171 or 393-2615

Bethany Pentecostal Tabernacle 668-4877
First Pentecostal Church 668-5727

Our Lady of Victory 633-2647
Sacred Heart Cathedral 667-2437

Salvation Army 668-2327

Seventh Day Adventist Church 633-5385


Whitehorse United Church 667-2989