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New CT scanner coming to Whitehorse General Hospital this month

New CT scanner coming to Whitehorse General Hospital this month

With the support from Yukoners, WGH will upgrade its CT scanner with new technology starting May 15. This is enhances our ability to provide quality and safe care for Yukoners in the years ahead.

A CT scanner takes and combines a series of X-ray images at different angles around your body. This provides critical diagnostic information in emergency/urgent situations as well as for several other procedures and health conditions.

You can expect that during an approximately two-week period it will take to install the new scanner and for some time after it’s up and running, there will continue to be some ongoing service delays.

Our team is working hard to maintain services for emergencies and urgent cases during this period. However, the hospital plans to reduce the number of scheduled appointments for less urgent scans for all imaging services in order to maintain capacity to respond to unexpected events.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Follow any pre-appointment preparation and arrive at the specified time.
  • Give yourself extra time to find parking, locate the right area, and register for your service/appointment.
  • If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, please call the hospital (with as much notice as possible), so you can be rescheduled. This allows your original appointment time to reassigned to someone else who is waiting.