WGH Rates & Fees

Yukon Hospitals are obligated to collect fees for medical treatment provided to both uninsured residents and non-residents of Canada.

  • one or more same-day outpatient visits are charged separately.
  • insurance companies are not sent copies of bills for outpatient visits and all charges are payable at time of service.
  • patients who have private insurance are required to provide information to the registration staff at time of admission. Hospital fees remain the responsibility of the patient.
  • patients should contact their insurer directly.
Inpatient and outpatient daily rate includes:
  • basic diagnostic and hospital stay services.
Charges not included in daily rate:
  • certain high cost supplies, CT scans, MRI and other high cost procedures
  • physicians’ fees, which are billed separately by the physician’s office
  • ambulance fees which are billed separately by Yukon Government
  • medical Evacuation (Medivac) fees which are billed separately by Yukon Government
  • costs for copies of your health records
  • medical images are billed separately
How do I make a payment?

All payments can be made at the Admitting & Discharge desk.

More information

Whitehorse General Hospital Rates & Fees (PDF)

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