Allergies & Sensitivities at WGH

An allergic reaction can be very serious and even cause a life-threatening situation. For the safety and comfort of patients, visitors and staff, we ask everyone to be aware of the most common allergens and related hospital policies.

Scents and Smells

The smell of perfume, cologne, soap, lotions and sprays can cause a serious allergic reaction or aggravate an existing health condition such as asthma. Even people who do not have allergies may get headaches or feel sick from smells. For these reasons, all Yukon hospitals have a policy to keep the buildings “scent-free.” This means that we ask all patients, visitors and staff not to use any scented products when they are in or coming to a hospital.

Making sense of scents at Yukon Hospitals pamphlet (PDF)

Smoke-Free Facility

For everyone’s safety and comfort, Yukon law says that our hospitals are smoke-free facilities. This means no smoking is allowed inside the hospital or within five metres (about 16 feet) of public doorways, windows or air in-takes. At Whitehorse General Hospital, this means no smoking on the entire front sidewalk, bus stop or door outside of the hospital or Thomson Centre. There is an designated area outside with signs showing where smoking is permitted. Please do not smoke in any other areas.

Balloons and other Latex Products

Latex is a type of rubber that many people are allergic too. Balloons and some types of rubber gloves and tubes are made from latex. If you are a patient and have an allergy to latex, it is very important that you tell the person who checks you in when you first arrive at the hospital. If you are a visitor and want to bring balloons, please make sure that they are labeled as “latex free.”


Flowers are a wonderful gift for most patients. If you would like to bring flowers to a patient, please ask one of the patient’s nurses beforehand, just to make sure that there are no allergy concerns. It is also best to avoid very strong smelling flowers such as lilies.

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