Leaving WLCH

Our hospital staff and health care providers in the community work together to make sure that patients have the information and support they need when they return home.

When you check in or within your first day in hospital, one of our staff will talk to you about what you might need when you go back home. Your doctor will decide when it is safe for you to leave the hospital. Before you leave, hospital staff will give you:

  • information about any services that have been arranged or that you can request to help you recover at home
  • a sheet telling you what medications (pills) you need to take and how often to take them
  • instructions about any appointments that have been made for you or that you need to make with your doctor or another health care provider; for example, you may need to have tests or physiotherapy
  • tell you what to expect and how long it will take before you are fully recovered

If you are a non-Canadian resident, please visit our Admitting & Discharge (reception) desk before you leave to make arrangements for paying for your treatment.

Last Updated:Tue, 03/30/2021 - 12:19