Visiting DCCH

With increased COVID-19 activity in the community, Dawson City Community Hospital is taking extra precautions to ensure access to care and everyone’s safety by limiting the number of people moving through this hospital site.


The following is a temporary change to DCCH visitor access for hospital areas of the building only and effective Thursday, December 30.

Patients admitted to the hospital are not allowed visitors at this time. Support persons for patients will only be allowed in a few limited circumstances, including:

  • Parent or guardian of a patient under the age of 18
  • Substitute decision maker of a patient
  • Assistance for a patient with a cognitive or physical disability
  • Assistance for a patient who has undergone anesthesia or has been administered a medication, impacting decision making and who requires discharge support
  • Support for a patient experiencing a cognitive impairing mental health issue
  • Support for a patient admitted under the Mental Health Act

These changes to visitor access at DCCH will be reassessed in January. Thank you for your support and understanding during this time. 


To keep your loved one and all of our patients safe, we ask that you:

Visit only if you feel well

If you have a cough, sore throat, fever or are just not feeling as well as usual, it is best that you not come to the hospital to visit. There is a risk that you could make your family member or friend sicker. Instead of coming to the hospital, you can call on the phone. There is a phone in every patient room. To call a patient room, dial 867-993-4444 and ask for the patient by name.

Clean your hands just before going into a patient’s room and when you leave

Even if you are not sick, germs on your hands could make a patient sick. There is hand sanitizer in the halls, in patient rooms, and in many other spots throughout the hospital. Rub the foam all over your hands and in between your fingers. Be sure to clean the hands of any children with you too.

If you are visiting more than one person, clean your hands again before visiting the second patient. It is best to also clean your hands when you are about to leave the hospital.

Remember that all Yukon hospitals are scent-free and smoke-free facilities

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