Students & Health Professionals

Our hospitals are great learning, clinical and professional practice environments. There are a number of incredible opportunities in Yukon for physicians, nurse practitioners, residents, medical students, students and others to work and practice in our hospitals. There may be specific information you need to know, professional licenses required or application processes to complete.

Student Preceptorship, Practicum and Shadowing

Yukon hospitals maintain strong affiliation with other learning organizations, universities and schools. We recognize and appreciate the importance of students, and include them as an integral part of the organization. We offer placements for students at all levels in a number of clinical and non-clinical settings, starting in high school through to post-graduate levels. We welcome students from a wide variety of health care professions.

Physicians, Locums, Nurse Practitioners, Residents, Visiting Specialists, Medical Students & Observers

There are detailed and specific licensing and application processes you need to complete before you can receive privileges to provide care at Whitehorse General Hospital, Dawson City Community Hospital and/or Watson Lake Community Hospital. Get more details on our page about hospital privileges.

Skilled Foreign Workers

Yukon’s hospitals welcome applications from experienced, qualified, internationally trained health professionals. You can refer to the following resources to determine your eligibility:

Contact our Human Resources team at, if you unable to find your professional licensing requirement. We may be able to help.

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