Education & Development


Staff Development Coordinator

Employees have an opportunity to grow and develop a wide range of clinical and professional skills through on-going employee education and training. This includes numerous workshops, training sessions as well as e-learning.

Education & Skills Days

Regular sessions are offered at the hospitals to incorporate some mandatory and non-mandatory education from a wide variety of areas, including Nursing, Risk Management, Infection Control, and First Nations Health Programs. There are also on-site training opportunities such as CPR courses, which help our staff members maintain professional certifications/requirements. In addition, individual departments frequently organize in-services specific to their areas.


Yukon hospitals deliver several organization-wide and department-specific mandatory education sessions via an online learning system. These range from WHMIS training and emergency preparedness to hand hygiene education.

Continuing Education Assistance

Through individual units and departments, employees may also pursue continuing education opportunities with financial assistance from the hospitals to update education or learn and develop new skills that will support them in their jobs.

Career Development Program

We provide a comprehensive set of information to assess employee needs, interests and skills as well as advise, coach, counsel and orient employees to career paths. There are also a number of tools for managers to mentor employees on their career paths.

Electronic Health Library (e-HL)

Full-text and indexed e-journals that can be accessed through the EBSCO and OVID databases, well known amongst academics. This e-library provides access to current health information and evidence-based guidelines. It is designed to assist anyone needing access to the most up-to-date research: health care professionals, policy analysts, managers, social workers, etc.

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