Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers

What is the minimum age required to volunteer in Yukon’s Hospitals?

Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age, and some positions may require volunteers to be at least 18 years of age. We have limited evening and weekend volunteer positions, so it may be difficult to accommodate all requests from high school students during the academic year.

What is the minimum commitment required to volunteer?

Due to the nature of our programs and services, it is necessary for volunteers to make a long-term commitment and maintain a consistent schedule. Volunteer applicants must select one of the following commitment options:

  1. Regular Commitment: At least 60 hours of service over at least 7 months (approx. 4 shifts per month).
  2. Student Commitment: At least 60 hours of service over the course of the academic year. Enrollment in an educational institution (secondary or post-secondary) is required.
How long does it take to become a volunteer?

To ensure the best quality of volunteers and services offered, we have a thorough application and intake process. If your volunteer application is accepted, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to become a volunteer. There are a number of steps to the volunteer application and screening process and all volunteers must attend a two-hour orientation session (held once a month) before the first shift.

When should I submit my volunteer application?

Applications can be submitted to the Volunteer Services department at any time throughout the year; however, if you are only available to volunteer during the summer, please submit your application no later than April 30.

Will I be guaranteed a volunteer placement if I submit a volunteer application?

The volunteer application process does not guarantee a volunteer placement. Volunteers are accepted and placed according to hospital needs, position availability and volunteer skills, interests and suitability.

We strive to accept as many applicants as possible, however, we are not able to guarantee a placement for everyone and only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Can I complete my high school community hours?

You may apply the volunteer hours accumulated at Yukon’s hospitals to your high school volunteer service requirement; however, we can only provide confirmation of hours to those who have completed at least 60 hours of volunteer service.

Do volunteers have to pay for parking?

No. There is no charge for parking at Whitehorse General Hospital or our community hospitals in Dawson City and Watson Lake. However, volunteers are expected to use the designated staff parking areas to ensure maintain convenient and safe access to the hospital for patients and visitors. Other modes of transportation to and from the hospital such as city bus or taxi are the responsibility of the volunteer.

Do volunteers have to wear identification?

Volunteers are required to wear a volunteer uniform and photo identification card while on duty. We require a $20.00 refundable deposit for a uniform.

Can I use my professional training as a volunteer?

While we welcome volunteers with professional experience, all volunteers are restricted to performing the duties outlined in their volunteer position description and are not permitted to practice within a specific profession when volunteering. 

Will I recieve training?

All volunteers must attend a two-hour orientation session at which time you'll recieve a general overview of the hospitals, time to complete a few important (and short) online education courses as well as an opportunity to tour of the facility. During your first shift, someone will provide a quick orientation to the department where you volunteer as well as specific tasks or procedures for that area. We also provide a handbook with a summary of key information that volunteers can reference at any time.

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