Hospital Privileges

There are many education, locum and practice opportunities available in Yukon hospitals to residents, medical students, physicians and nurse practitioners.

Residents & Medical Students

There are two processes you need to complete before providing patient care in Yukon hospitals. First, you need to be licensed with Yukon Medical Council to practice medicine in the territory. Second, you must apply for hospital privileges for Whitehorse General Hospital, Dawson City Community Hospital and/or Watson Lake Community Hospital by following these steps:

Please be aware that this process requires a number of supporting documents and information. Your application will be reviewed by the Chief of Medical Staff and approval of hospital privileges will take at least 30 business days. The above documents also provide information about accommodation available for residents and medical students.

For more information, residents and medical students should contact email or call Kathy Reid at 867-393-8979.

Physicians, Locums & Nurse Practitioners

All doctors must first be licensed by the Yukon Medical Council to practice in the territory. Nurse Practitioners (NP) are regulated by the Yukon Registered Nurses Association. These professionals must then apply directly to the hospital to determine what privileges are granted. Learn more about the process and how to apply.

For more information, physicians, locums and NPs should contact Sarah Edwards, Corporate Assistant, at 867-393-8732.

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