First Nations Health Programs

Located on upper level

We provide patient support to all First Nations, Métis and Inuit patients who come to our hospital. WLCH has staff ready to provide help to Aboriginal patients in accessing our health services. A liaison worker is available on a part-time basis to assist you and your family during a hospital stay.

  • provides emotional, spiritual and social support
  • helps with communication between patient, family and caregivers
  • provides information about hospital care
  • plans and develops culturally relevant health counseling and support
  • advocates for Aboriginal people using the hospital’s services
How to access the support

Please self-identify. The staff at the hospital registration desk will ask every patient if they would like to identify as having Aboriginal ancestry. This will ensure that all you have access to our programs.

Additional information

During your stay

What to bring to hospital

Visiting the hospital (including information about our visiting hours)

Patient support information

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WGH First Nations Health Programs

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