WGH Expansion enclosed and moving ahead on schedule


WGH’s new two-storey wing was ‘clad to the weather’ last month as expansion construction continues on schedule into the winter months and hospital teams move ahead with preparations for opening day.

Construction on hospital expansion has been underway for several months, but now that the new building is walled and closed to the elements, work continues inside on what will eventually become a modern, state-of-the-art emergency department.

“Having an enclosed structure is an important milestone in our project,” says Jason Bilsky, Yukon Hospitals’ CEO. “The community can see the true size, scope and look of the new facility as well as the incredible progress we’ve made in a short period of time.” 

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Now that most of the construction work has shifted inside, the new patient care areas and work spaces will really start to take shape. This also means the hospital teams from all areas including nursing, diagnostic services, information technology and other support staff are already taking great care through significant planning and preparations. This is to ensure the building and our staff are ready, when the doors open in early 2018, to provide the best possible care on day one.

The hospital has also started the process on how to best utilize the shelled second-floor space in the new building as well as vacated space within the existing hospital once emergency and other services move.

Bilsky adds that community involvement in the project remains vitally important over the final months of the project and as we get ready for the first patients. “We’re pleased to see that more than 75 local businesses and specialized sub-trades have been a part of this project and represent more than 50% of on-site hours,” he says. “And as we move closer to opening the new emergency department we will be inviting Yukoners inside to see firsthand their new hospital and improvements we’ve made to emergency care.”

Yukoners can now see the result of the input into the new building’s design that was provided by the public and First Nations communities. The tree-inspired pillars that greet patients and visitors outside the new emergency department help incorporate natural elements to make the hospital less institutional and more of a healing environment.

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WGH expansion features a modern emergency department, along with shelled second-floor space for future use and other facility upgrades. The new facility is designed to meet high standards for infection control, safety, comfort and security, which will create an improved healing space for our patients and enhanced work environment for our health care teams. The project is funded by Yukon government.

The latest information about the project, including news, photos and FAQs is available at yukonhospitals.ca/WGHexpansion.


James Low
Communications, Yukon Hospitals
(867) 393-8698

The latest information about the project, including news, photos and FAQs is available at yukonhospitals.ca/WGHexpansion.

Last Updated:Tue, 03/30/2021 - 12:18