An Ophthalmologist is a physician who concentrates on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the eye. These specialists offer both medical and surgical expertise in correcting eye conditions. Your family physician will usually refer you to one of our local optometrists first for an eye examination. This will provide the ophthalmologist with the information to plan the appropriate care.

Referrals commonly come into the ophthalmologist for: cataracts and cataract surgery, diabetic eye conditions, glaucoma, eye injuries and correction of lazy eyes. OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is an imaging technique used at the Specialists Clinic to aid in the diagnosis of diseases of the retina and macular degeneration.

Visiting Opthalmologist

The visiting ophthalmologists divide their time between the Operating Room and the Specialists Clinic.

The Whitehorse General Hospital has three visiting ophthalmologists and one local optometrist.

Visits per year: 10

Days each visit: 4-5

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