Located on main level in Outpatient Services/Specialist Clinic area

Otolaryngologists are physicians trained in the medical and surgical management of disorders that include the ears, nose and nasal passages, sinuses, larynx (voice box), mouth and throat as well as structures of the neck and face. Theses physicians specialize in the diagnosis and management of these conditions in both adults and children.

People are commonly referred to an otolaryngologist for conditions such as chronic ear infections, ear noise, hearing loss and dizziness. Nasal assessments can be recommended when patients have allergies, sinusitis, nose bleeds, snoring, abnormal nasal breathing and deformities of the face. Otolaryngologists also assess, diagnose and treat swallowing disorders and hoarseness.

Visiting otolaryngology specialist divide their time between the operating room and the specialist clinic.

Visiting Otolaryngologists

Whitehorse General Hospital has two visiting otolaryngologists (ENT)

Visits per year: 8
Days each visit: 5

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