Secure Medical Unit

Located on second level

The Secure Medical Unit (SMU) is a controlled-environment within our inpatient unit that offers a safe place for patients with a mental health diagnosis (often in an acute phase of illness) to receive medical care.

Located on the second floor at WGH, the unit has five beds and two seclusion rooms with a team that provides 24-hour assessment, observation, care and support. This enables patients to receive care in an environment designed to manage specialized health needs.

The SMU team:
  • physician
  • mental health social worker
  • Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses
  • First Nations liaison worker and social worker

If you think you need help, we recommend that you meet with your doctor and/or community support to discuss your symptoms and possible outpatient treatment options. If the problem persists, you can meet with your doctor to arrange direct admission or go to the emergency department to be assessed.

Leaving the hospital

The SMU team maintains close ties with many resources and community-based programs. Discharge planning begins at the time of admission. Each patient has a unique plan depending on the situation, level of need and safety.

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