To keep everyone safe, screeners are in place at all public entrances to the hospital. You will be asked about your travel, symptoms and to perform hand hygiene. Additional visitor restrictions may be in place, so please check our COVID-19 information page before coming to hospital.

Specialist Clinic

Located on main level in Outpatient Services/Specialist Clinic area

The clinic’s hours usually run 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday, but may vary depending on each specialist’s clinic times. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.


The Specialist Clinic at Whitehorse General Hospital is home to a variety of visiting physicians who provide specialized consultative medical and surgical expertise and act as a resource for local physicians. To see a specialist, all patients require a referral from their family doctor.

Specialist Services Offered

Based on the information provided by your family doctor, most visiting physician specialists will prioritize referrals. This process makes it difficult to provide an exact wait-list time. All urgent patients are seen first.

How to find the Specialist Clinic

Enter WGH main entrance, immediately take first hallway to left. Watch for a sign that reads “Register Here” along with the appropriate specialist name. Check-in with the receptionist.

How to prepare

Patients are notified by mail 4-6 weeks before an appointment with all the relevant information that’s needed for the visit, including what to bring to the appointment and any scans or lab tests that will be need to done in advance. All patients must confirm, by phone, at least a week prior to the appointment or the time may be reassigned to another patient on the wait list.

What to bring
  • Yukon Health Care Card
  • Government-issued identification like a driver’s license or permanent resident card
  • A list of all medications (pills or other drugs) you take including prescriptions, vitamins, pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil, health supplements, and herbal remedies. If you do not have time to make a list, please bring the bottles.
  • For some visits, you may need to bring some personal items identified in your appointment confirmation letter. This could include:
    • Any form that accompanied the appointment letter
    • Comfortable clothing and walking/running shoes
    • Shorts
    • Sunglasses and someone to drive you home
    • Prescription eyeglasses
Surgical Specialists & Bookings

All patients with a potential surgical condition must be referred by the family doctor. The visiting physician surgeon will determine if surgery is required, assess priority, and add the patient to the wait list.

Approximately one month before surgical date, the patient will receive a letter and information package about the procedure. It is essential for patients confirm the appointment at the Specialists Clinic by quoting the booking number from the Surgical Booking Patient Information form. If this is not completed one week before the scheduled date, your surgical time will be offered to another patient on the list.

Anaesthetist and Pre-Op Clinic Appointments

Patients will need to follow the instructions provided on their Surgical Booking Patient Information form for any Anaesthetist and Pre-Operative Clinic appointments. At the pre-op clinic, located near the main doors at Whitehorse General Hospital, patients will get further information about their surgery. Attendance at this appointment is required or the surgery will be canceled.

Other Information

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