Yukon Hospital Corporation Statement Regarding WGH Lab Services


It is important to correct some misinformation being shared with Yukoners. WGH’s lab is not closing and there are no plans to curtail services for patients.

We share Yukoners’ desire to improve health services and support a skilled team here in the territory. We will continue to expand and improve services where possible and feasible.

Here are the facts. Yukon Hospital Corporation (YHC) issued a request for proposals for lab services to renew an existing contract (held by St. Paul’s Hospital) that was set to expire in March. Contracted services include medical leadership for the lab, lab consulting services to ensure we maintain a high standard of care as well as specialty tests. One option in the leading proposal from St. Paul’s was the potential to also send routine microbiology tests to their facility in Vancouver. All urgent microbiology tests would stay at WGH. What’s more, microbiology represents a small portion of the lab services we provide at the hospital.

This proposal is currently being reviewed and a final decision will be based on our ability to provide the best care possible to Yukon patients in terms of quality and timeliness.

Last Updated:Tue, 03/30/2021 - 12:18