Board of Trustees

Flowers and Mountains

The activities and programs of Yukon Hospitals are governed by a Board of Trustees (BOT), which represents the interests of all Yukoners. It is comprised of members from Whitehorse and communities across the territory as well as representatives from Yukon First Nations, medical staff, public service and the public at large.

The mandate of the Board as set by the Hospital Act is to provide oversight of and direction to our hospitals through the Chief Executive Officer.  The Commissioner of Executive Council appoints members to the BOT and shall consider the suitability of each candidate for appointment, including their knowledge, experience and competence in respect of matters relevant to the operations of the board and the activities and programs of the Corporation (Required Competencies - PDF).

Our Trustees 2017/18

Brian Gillen / Public at Large
Chair of the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, First Nations Health Committee

Vera Holmes / Municipality other than Whitehorse (Dawson City)
Quality Management Council

John Firth / City of Whitehorse

Clarke LaPrairie / Public Service
Executive Committee

Patricia Martin / Council of Yukon First Nations
First Nations Health Committee

Jay Massie / Public at Large
Executive Committee

Sue Stokes-Nash / Public at Large
Executive Committee, Quality Management Council

Diane Strand / Council of Yukon First Nations
First Nations Health Committee

Dr. Kathleen Dalinghaus / Medical Staff

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