Leadership Team

Flowers and Mountains
Our Executive Leadership

Jason Bilsky
Chief Executive Officer

Warren Holland
Executive Director, Quality & Strategy

Kelly Steele
Chief Financial Officer / Executive Director, Corporate Services

Stefanie Ralph
Executive Director, Patient Experience

Marc Bouchard
Chief Information Officer / Executive Director, Allied Patient Services

Our Medical Leadership

Dr. René Soucy
Chief of Medical Staff

Dr. Adam Sherrard
Delegate Chief of Medical Staff,
Dawson City Community Hospital

Dr. Russell Bamford
Delegate Chief of Medical Staff,
Watson Lake Community Hospital

Dr. Huy Chau
Associate Chief of Staff
Whitehorse General Hospital

Our Senior Management

Carol Chiasson
Director, Patient Care & Experience, Watson Lake Community Hospital 

Karen Girling
Director, Projects

James Low
Director, People Services & Culture

Lara Murphy
Director, Patient Care & Experience, Whitehorse General Hospital

Laura Salmon
Director, First Nations Health Programs

Tanya Solberg
Director, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services

Jorge Van Slyke
Director, Patient Care & Experience, Dawson City Community Hospital

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