Tests & Scans

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging services at Yukon Hospitals provide screening and diagnostic services on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

All scans must be requested by a physician (with the exception of self-referred mammography screenings for patients over the age of 40). At Whitehorse General Hospital, Nurse Practitioners can within their scope request ultrasound, non-contrast X-ray and mammography test/screening.

The imaging services are completely digital with images transmitted and stored in our secure PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System). Patient images are sent electronically to radiologist for interpretation with results returned to the ordering physician. See the following pages for hours of operation and more information for patients.

Laboratory Services

Our hospitals each have labs that perform a variety of testing, either in-house or by referral to a specialized laboratory. In general, the lab at Whitehorse General Hospital serves as the primary testing centre for the city and other health providers across the territory. All biological specimens can be tested. Some functional tests are also done such as heart monitoring and lung function.

All lab tests can be ordered by physicians, while specific tests such as serology sceeening, microbiology, PHSA stool cultures and tumour marker requisition can be ordered by Nurses Practitioners within their scope.

There are also a number of lab resources available to health care professionals looking for information or to request a lab test at Whitehorse General Hospital.

Most blood work is returned to the ordering physician or NP within 24 hours of collection. However, some tests may take up to 14 days or more. See the following hospital lab services for testing services, hours of operation, referral process and more information for patients.

Cardiac Stress Testing

Cardiac Street Testing is only offered in the Visiting Specialist Clinic area at Whitehorse General Hospital. Family doctors must send all referrals for stress testing to the clinic. A consultation appointment will be scheduled with a cardiologist or internist (during their clinic) to determine if stress testing is required.

If needed, the test can be completed the same day. The internist or cardiologist will also take multiple factors into account as they interpret the test results to share with the patient. For more information contact our Specialist Clinic at 867-393-8748.

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