Traditional Food Program

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Serving Traditional Foods Together with Community Partners

Healthcare facilities that serve indigenous populations have an obligation to remove barriers to health, healing and culture.

Yukon Hospitals’ Traditional Food program is based on a shared understanding that Traditional Food is an important part of First Nations culture. Our shared respect for wild game, hunting, harvesting, processing, producing and the serving traditional food is part of our First Nations Health Programs, which oversees our Traditional Foods Program.

Enhancing Patient Care and Healing with Traditional Foods

YHC's Traditional Food Program is an important part of our First Nations Health Programs. It helps facilitate reconciliation and foster pride between patients and community partners. 

How does the program work?

​Resident licensed hunters and First Nations hunters who have subsistence rights to hunt donate wild game to Yukon Hospitals’ Traditional Foods Program. All hunters follow best practices/traditional methods to ensure wild game is handled safely and kept clean, cool and dry during harvesting and transportation.

A “Hunter’s Questionnaire” is completed by the hunters prior to sending the donated wild game to a local butcher. A First Nations Quality Control Form Checklist is completed by the butcher before sending the game to Yukon Hospitals.

Who delivers the program?

First Nation Liaison staff visit with all Indigenous patients to help them access traditional food and support their cultural needs and healing journey. Our First Nations Cultural Programs Coordinator coordinates all traditional food processes. 

The Food Services Team at Whitehorse General Hospital are responsible for the storage, production and service of traditional meals for Yukon Hospitals’ Indigenous patients. Food Services follows a Traditional Foods Program Protocols & Procedures Manual to ensure safe, quality meals are prepared and served. Frozen Tradition Meals are also delivered to Indigigenous patients in Watson Lake and Dawson City Community Hospitals. Find all relevant program resources linked at the bottom of this page. 

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