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Caring for patients at critical times, working on a dedicated team, making a difference in the well-being of our communities, and enjoying a lifestyle that’s the envy of the world—these are all reasons why being a part of our hospitals is an experience like no other.

From support services and direct care providers, we have over 600 employees and volunteers at our three hospital sites, representing a wide variety of professions, expertise and skills. You have incredible growth opportunities in the Yukon. 

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Yukon Hospitals is our employees.  Providing acute care for the Yukon means our staff impact the lives of their communities, neighbours, and friends; making a career at Yukon Hospitals is one that changes lives.

We have over 600 employees at our three hospital sites, representing a wide variety of professions and incredible employment opportunities in the Yukon.  Whether nursing, allied health, or the essential support services that keep a hospital running, Yukon Hospitals is the place for you to make a difference.

Employees at Yukon Hospitals have the ability to mentor into different roles in the hospitals, allowing for career growth in any direction you can imagine. 

Here is what some of our patients have to say:

  • “I have always been impressed and happy with the level and quality of care received at WGH.  We are very lucky to have a hospital as good as this in our small town”
  • “The staff was amazing in surgical – thank you for all of your support”
  • “We are so grateful and thankful for all the hospital staff and services. Very very thankful to all WGH maternity staff, you rock!”
  • “The food was wonderful. I was so impressed. The kitchen staff obviously care about the patients. The plating was excellent. Desserts always arrived well presented. Thank you to the kitchen staff for making my stay here better!”
  • “The people that cleaned my room every day were wonderful! Super friendly and always cheerful.  As a patient they were absolutely wonderful!  As a former nurse they made my stay a really good experience. Thank you!”

Dream big!

Life changing opportunities for personal and professional growth abound when you work with Yukon Hospitals!

Come enjoy the great northern wilderness while growing your career.

Do you want to be the nurse helping bring new babies into the world? Waiting at the doors as the ambulance comes in? Settling blankets on a patient’s lap when starting chemotherapy? Participating in a growing variety of surgeries? Or doing something of everything in our community hospitals? 

Nursing in Yukon Hospitals can be whatever you imagine. You can be on the front line, hands-on with our community, move into a new specialty, or work in education, leadership, or technology. YHC supports nursing development and expanded practice in many areas.

Below are just some of the areas and positions that are available to nurses with Yukon Hospitals:

Medical / Surgical Unit Maternity Unit
Mental Health Unit Operating Room
Emergency Department Intensive Care Unit
Clinics Community Hospitals
Float Pool Clinical Nurse Educators
Clinical Nurse Leaders Occupational Health Nurses
Infection Control Nurses Clinical Informatics Specialists
Clinical Informatics Educators Managers, Directors and Executive Directors

Nurses at Yukon Hospitals make a huge difference in the lives of their families, friends, and community.  It’s the look on people’s faces when you tell them you’re a nurse that reminds you of the importance of what you do.

Here is what our patients have to say:

  • “The staff at the Dawson City Hospital were helpful, efficient and kind and it all helped to make my medical experience a very positive one”
  • “I appreciate the nurses.  Very courteous and people oriented.  They give you positive words to heal.  Thank you!”
  • “I felt cared for.  The nurses really listened.  I cried and no one told me to be quiet, but wanted to comfort me. Thank you.”
  • “Thank you ER TEAM!!!! I attended the ER this weekend …and I just wanted to share that our experience was so positive.  From the intake at the front desk, through triage, the nurse in our room to the doctor, each person was so kind, positive and helpful. And happy! My daughter and I talked about it when we got home and it just seemed like everyone loved their job and was so happy to help her out. We know how stressful the last few years have been and continue to be in health care and we just wanted to say thanks for such excellent care.”

What is allied health?  Allied health professionals provide specialized care and testing to our patients here at Yukon Hospitals.  They perform blood tests, emergency x-rays, help you return to walking after a surgery, and ensuring your safe access to medication.

Yukon Hospitals offers great career options for allied health professionals, in ways that really matter to the lives of Yukoners.

Here at Yukon Hospitals, Allied Health professionals are:

Laboratory Technologists Laboratory Assistants
Lab Information System Leads Quality and Safety Coordinators
Core Leads Specimen Management Leads
Pharmacists Pharmacy Technologists
X-Ray Technologists CT Technologists
MRI Technologists Combined Technologists
Occupational Therapists Physiotherapists
Rehabilitation Assistants Managers, Directors and Executive Directors

Here is what our patients have to save about our allied health professionals:

  • “Ultrasound did a very thorough and professional scan.  Keep up the good work!!”
  • “Fast, timely, helpful and very sensitive.  Thank you Laboratory Technologists!”
  • “Thank you Medical Imaging Staff!  Efficient on time processing for scheduled ultrasound appointment. Tech explained procedure and was courteous and informative”
  • “Thank you for being an awesome physical therapist.”

Your work makes a difference here!

Our hospital system depends on our skilled electricians and power engineers to keep our building running and our patients safe. They are the backbone of our hospitals.

Our computer specialists keep our electronic health management system, and other key technological systems, running, supporting excellent patient care.

When you work at Yukon Hospitals, your work makes a difference – to our patients and to the community.  And they notice!

Nursing in Dawson City

Come to the hospital at the heart of the Klondike gold rush!

Dawson City Community Hospital welcomes all people to our facility. We are grateful to provide help, healing and care within the Traditional Territory of Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in.

Working in Dawson City Community Hospital is the perfect opportunity to experience rural nursing in a supportive environment while enjoying Canada’s true Klondike and all the fun it has to offer. Rural nursing is about doing everything, and here in Dawson that’s true – from being the front line when an emergency comes in, to drawing blood and performing x-rays, to sitting with our patients and playing a hand of cards. We are about high quality medicine and the personal touch. The great thing about working in Dawson is that you do all that – with an amazing team around you for support.

Dawson City is known for its tight community, long days of midnight sun, spectacular hiking in Tombstone National Park, and great times at the local film festival, Discovery Days celebrations, Thaw-di-Gras, or the Moosehide Gathering. Our hospital staff are an integral part of that community, playing in the softball league, participating in the annual lip sync challenge, and raising money to donate to our local charities. 

Find out more about Dawson City:

Nursing in Watson Lake

We are the Gateway to the Yukon.

Watson Lake is a small community that welcomes tourists on their way to Whitehorse and Alaska. You may have heard of our world-famous Sign Post Forest (recently featured on a chocolate bar!), which was started in World War II by a homesick soldier. Since then, visitors from all over the world have added to this iconic landmark, making it a true one-of-a-kind destination!

Our hospital team keeps our community and travelers safe and healthy whether they live here, or are just passing through.

Find out more about Watson Lake:

Want a short commute to work? We have it. Want interesting career growth? We have it. Want to contribute to your community?  Your place is here!

Life in Yukon is like no other, featuring spectacular natural beauty, pristine wilderness, rich history and traditions, strong and vibrant communities, cultural diversity and unique opportunities. Camping, hiking, boating and skiing are right out your back door, while our communities offer cultural and urban lifestyles to fit your interests.

Learn more about amenities, housing, and local services through the links below.



Dawson City

Watson Lake

A commitment to safe and excellent hospital care is one of the many reasons why health professionals choose to work for Yukon’s hospitals. We are one of the top employers in Canada and have one of the most skilled teams in the country. To attract the best talent and engage and support our team, we have a lot to offer in addition to a competitive salary package.

Employee Pension Plan

One of the most significant benefits offered to our employees is participation in a defined pension plan. The hospitals assume the cost to manage and fully fund the plan to ensure it meets its current and long-term obligations. This is in addition to matching every employee's bi-weekly contributions, which provide you with guaranteed income upon retirement.

Comprehensive Benefit Package

Yukon Hospitals is also committed to support our employees by offering the opportunity for you to take part in a comprehensive and cost effective health benefits package that provides:

  • Extended health with coverage for supplementary health care needs such as prescription drugs and vision care.
  • Dental care with reimbursement (subject to some maximums) of basic and restorative dental care and orthodontic services.
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Disability Benefits
Yukon Bonus

An annual bonus is paid to eligible full- and part-time employees for travel assistance after the completion of one year of service.

Service Recognition: Long Service Awards

Our hospitals are incredibly fortunate to say we have a team dedicated to the health and well-being of all Yukoners. Some of our employees have served 30 years or more! On an annual basis we celebrate, honour and recognize the outstanding contribution of our employees as they reach every five-year milestone.

Employee Accommodations

Due to our northern location and our need to recruit qualified professionals and health care specialists from outside the territory, we provide some peace-of-mind by offering short-term accommodation to employees and others working in our hospitals.

The staff residence in Whitehorse is nicely situated on the banks of the Yukon River within close walking distance of the hospital and offers great views of the river, mountains and city.  We also have fully furnished and subsidized accommodation in both Dawson City and Watson Lake to assist new employees and itinerant health care providers at the community hospitals.

Yukon Hospitals places high value on supporting the career growth of our employees.

We offer a mentorship program within our hospitals to support our nurses to expand their areas of expertise into our maternity, surgical, and emergency units. Through these supported programs, nurses are able to take the necessary education, and receive the supportive time on the floor to make them a success.

We also offer internal courses to keep our employees current (such as nursing skills days, and professional training in many allied health areas), and workshops to expand those important social and emotional skills on leadership, difficult conversations, and more.

Employees have access to education leave and are able to request funding support for their learning, as we know that life-long-learning forms a cornerstone of many people’s careers.

We support and promote a diverse and inclusive workforce that recognizes the unique needs of all staff. We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment by removing barriers and supporting those who require individualized accommodation. The wellness of our staff is key to ensuring the health and well-being of the patients in our care.

Encouraging work-life balance is incredibly important to our team.  To support physical health and wellness for our employees, we offer an onsite gym at Whitehorse General Hospital, which is accessible 24/7. 

Working on Wellness

Our hospitals fully support and offer a formal workplace wellness program called Working on Wellness (WOW), which includes activities that promote the physical, social and emotional well-being of our team members. Initiatives of the program are completely employee-driven and organized.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Our EFAP gives our staff members an option to access confidential and third-party support services. This includes referral services and a short-term counseling program to assist employees with a range of person, family, and workplace concerns. 

Our EFAP program also goes beyond these supports to offer online courses, literature, and workshops to support wellness at home and at work.

Our hospitals are great learning, clinical and professional practice environments. There are a number of incredible opportunities in Yukon for physicians, nurse practitioners, residents, medical students, students and others to work and practice in our hospitals. There may be specific information you need to know, professional licenses required or application processes to complete.

Student Preceptorship, Practicum and Shadowing

Yukon hospitals maintain strong affiliation with other learning organizations, universities and schools. We recognize and appreciate the importance of students, and include them as an integral part of the organization. We offer placements for students at all levels in a number of clinical and non-clinical settings, starting in high school through to post-graduate levels. We welcome students from a wide variety of health care professions.

Physicians, Locums, Nurse Practitioners, Residents, Visiting Specialists, Medical Students & Observers

There are detailed and specific licensing and application processes you need to complete before you can receive privileges to provide care at Whitehorse General Hospital, Dawson City Community Hospital and/or Watson Lake Community Hospital.

For more information on working in our hospitals, please visit Hospital Privileges

Skilled Foreign Workers

Yukon’s hospitals welcome applications from experienced, qualified, internationally trained health professionals. You can refer to the following resources to determine your eligibility:

Contact our Human Resources team at, if you unable to find your professional licensing requirement. We may be able to help.