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New Graduate Spotlight

Sara Burke-Forsyth is one of the newest graduates of Yukon Hospital’s New Graduate Program

Sara Burke-Forsyth is one of the first LPN nursing graduates to start with the Yukon Hospital’s New Graduate Program, which was implemented in 2023 to provide additional supports for new registered nurses entering the workforce, while offering pathways to permanent employment.

Sara, born and raised in Whitehorse, YT, previously worked as a registered massage therapist, but when the profession became hard on her joints, she decided to pursue education at Yukon University to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

“I wanted to stay in healthcare,” says Sara. “Nursing was the best option for me and having the new graduate program here in Whitehorse was a big part of my decision.” She started at the Whitehorse General Hospital in March 2023 and, after graduating in June, began working as an LPN with the medical-surgical unit. Recently, Sara was excited to become a full-time permanent nurse.

What does she love most about working at Whitehorse General Hospital?

“Honestly, the team. Everybody is super great and they’re helpful with answering new graduate questions. Coming out of school, you have a lot of questions as a new nurse — but everyone here has been really helpful and supportive,” Sara says.

She also enjoys working closely with the staff of the First Nations Health Programs (FNHP) to deliver culturally-sensitive and supportive patient care.

The FNHP provides compassionate care for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people based on First Nations culture and values.

“Day to day, we’re working with First Nations patients and it’s incredible the support the FNHP staff can offer patients,” Sara says.

She’s impressed by the FNHP’s food program, which offers First Nations patients locally harvested traditional foods, including moose, bison, and caribou.

“For patients who have just had surgery and are on a clear-fluid diet, the moose broth is the most popular request we get,” says Sara. “It’s food people are happy to eat.”
She’s looking forward to learning and expanding her new practice and skills as an LPN at Whitehorse General Hospital with the goal of providing excellent patient care.

When she’s not working as an LPN, Sara loves cross-country skiing and spending time with her two dogs — “Yukon special rescues” — Scout and Ike.

Welcome to the team, Sara!